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I Looking Sex Dating Mission really wanting 3some

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Mission really wanting 3some

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Intelligent conversation is much appreciated. I like to laugh and do fun activities.

Age: 37
Relationship Status: Newlyweds
Seeking: I Am Look Dick
City: San Diego, CA
Relation Type: Handsome Businessman Seeking Sexy Woman Tonight

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And get ready for it — he wants a threesome. Threesomes are, by far, the most popular option for long-term couples looking to diversify their sex Mision.

And they can be great. But no matter how open-minded you are, it can still sting to hear that your partner wants to bring somebody else into the mix.

First off, relax. Lean into that feeling.

Mission really wanting 3some

Communicate them! Trust your gut.

Women have great instincts — we should act on them more. If you're feeling it, and feeling excited about it, godspeed, bb.

Get nasty. But if something about the proposition is feeling off to you If, for instance, he's suggesting a threesome with a prospective candidate already in mind that makes you uncomfy You're allowed to say no. If he sulks, Mission really wanting 3some gets irrationally angry at your decision, that is a HUGE wantibg flag.

Threesomes require work. Do you want him to spend more time on you? Do you just want him to watch?

Think about it and then set reasonable expectations or guidelines that he can follow. Men need rules, sis.

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Priya Alika freelance writer. Oct 24, - 6 minute read.

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